Angry chocolate birds

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Angry chocolate

The popular Finnish mobile phone game Angry Birds has landed on the Swiss Easter chocolates.
I had to brake at the Geneva city center in front of the big chocolate boutique. A sweet Angry Bird fiercely stared from the window! In the boutique the tuftiest birdies had already scarce rows.

The Gilles Desplanches chocolate boutique was inspired last year by the mobile game crazy bunnies, and now it took Angry Birds made by Rovio. The local paper asked if the chocolate birds production was according to the copyrights.

– We produce the chocolate birds you definitely cannot play with, assures the sales manager.

The local paper asked the opinion of an experienced Geneva lawyer in copyright issues. He was not so sure of the legality of Desplanches imitations as the boutique itself.

Birthday and cupcake makers have already for long decorated their works by Angry Bird images. iPhone as well has the birdy covers, but this photo below of iPhone bunnies gives even a better idea: Think about if your iPhone cover had a little crest, nose or eyebrows of a famous chicken!

iPhone bunny

Already the prize shows the value of Angry Birds. A chocolate chick costs 32 francs, or about 27 euros and is more expensive than an iPhone rabbit.


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