Desplanches made the record long millefeuille, me a Desplanches car

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I’ve seen the world’s longest millefeuille, exactly speaking 1.2 km long.

With that the Geneva chocolatier Gilles Desplanches hit clearly in Geneva Autumn fair a previous Belgian record. Desplanches has in Geneva several bakery and pastry shops, for example at the airport. I warmly recommend.

Desplanches made the extra long pastry to celebrate his 25 years career but wanted to combine it to more than just setting the record. He sold the pieces of cake and donated the money of around 85 000 euros for breast cancer research. Enterprises bought cakes by meters.

That’s what I like: not simply a record for marketing purposes, but a deeper content.

The assembling of over a kilometer long pastry is already a feat in itself, but donating the money for breast cancer brought the project to higher spheres. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, breast cancer is the most common cancer of women. Record long cake was topped with pink icing, the same colour as the breast cancer campaign and at the same time the colour of Desplanches brand.

The giant dessert was created of almost 700 kilos of chocolate, nearly 900 kilos of cream and 600 kilos of flour. Around one hundred people, celebrities, restaurant chefs and volunteers crafted it together. They praised the exact preparing and extensive planning of the Geneva chocolatier.

I experienced these quality marks myself, when attending once again Desplanches chocolate decorating course in the same exhibition. There I learnt to make a chocolate car in a professional guidance of Desplanches confectioners. Here you go: in the picture something for cake bakers to remake.


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