Month: June 2014

♥ Thank you Facebook ChocoKirsi Likers! ♥

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FacebookChocokirsi   I am so proud of your company and eager to read every comment, question and initiative you’ll leave on Facebook or here at my pages.

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When ChocoKirsi page gets 150 likes, I will draw a winner of you all to get a selection of Swiss Premium Chocolates.


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And the answer is…

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Yes: It is chocolate and it’s coming from Swiss Gruyère: folklore pure with cows and fields.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Swiss Art at its best from 1819, Cailler.



Paper cut for…?

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Cows and dancing people for...?
Cows and dancing people for…?

Any idea what might this beautiful Paper cut cover? Comes from Switzerland, so


Vote and find here  soon the answer!

Coin-coin, Quack-quack

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Lindt ducks waiting for a swim.
Lindt ducks waiting for a swim.

Double milk chocolate pralines, Swiss milk chocolate with cream filling and milk crispies. They are called Sweet Duck of Lindt.

And will be the summer hits of this Swiss chocolate label.

Crispy Swiss Milk Chocolate for a Summer hit
Crispy Swiss Milk Chocolate for a Summer hit

Have you seen them already? Or even tasted?

If so, please share!

Light my chocolate

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Hens night in spring time Finland, Espoo, was a delice with chocolates I specially made for this delightful girls’ group.

Tuff dark bunnies with piment espelette and funnier forms of milk chocolate with coconut filling.

Tuff bunnies
Tuff bunnies

I did my very best to amuse the girls and thought some firemen with their uniforms would fire up the fete.  So I lit up the heart form candles and a small firework. But the ladies were not courageous enough. They teared down the fire alarm from the ceiling: the cowards!

Before lighting
Before lighting

And I would have been ready to quench the fire. With this:

Little Red Riding Hood, a German classic sparkling wine, since 1856
Little Red Riding Hood, a German classic sparkling wine, since 1856

Trocken meaning Dry. Red as a fire. Or fireman’s helmet. I hope for the next chance.

You may order my chocolate tastings to your private festivities: Just send me a mail or fill the form below, explain your needs and you’ll get an event tailored for you only.


Coffee Paradise on Earth

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Coffee with fine crema.
Coffee with fine crema.

How would you feel if in a luxury restaurant the wine list looked like this:

  • Red wine € 8
  • White wine € 7

You would think they take you for a fool? And you would ask, irritated, if they let you know, which variety the wine is and where it comes from.

Well, this sort of information is normal to coffee drinkers who do not usually get any other information of their coffee ​​than the price, style:

  • Espresso 5 €
  • Cappuccino 6€

The greater was my surprise in the Geneva near Ségny village at the French side of the border. Chez vous (At home) restaurant is a good quality restaurant where I had local trout for lunch. As I asked for a coffee after an excellent raspberry tart the owner answers quickly:

“I will bring you a list of coffee.”

A la carte list of coffee?!
Wow, what is this? Where am I? In the coffee paradise? Not even in a five-star restaurant I’ve had a coffee list.
And so I got an awesome list of coffee from Papua New Guinea, Sao Tomé and, certainly, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. All coffee varieties are described thoroughly: Colombian fruity or a snappy Brazilian.
I chose the Papua New Guinean, and got a cup of harmonious nutty coffee.
The sympathetic owner couple promises even new sorts of Malongo brand coffee they are using. And here comes the more than a worth of visiting address with attentive service:

Restaurant Chez Vous
615 Route Blanche
01170 Ségny

Phone +33 4 50 28 32 08