Coffee Paradise on Earth

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Coffee with fine crema.
Coffee with fine crema.

How would you feel if in a luxury restaurant the wine list looked like this:

  • Red wine € 8
  • White wine € 7

You would think they take you for a fool? And you would ask, irritated, if they let you know, which variety the wine is and where it comes from.

Well, this sort of information is normal to coffee drinkers who do not usually get any other information of their coffee ​​than the price, style:

  • Espresso 5 €
  • Cappuccino 6€

The greater was my surprise in the Geneva near Ségny village at the French side of the border. Chez vous (At home) restaurant is a good quality restaurant where I had local trout for lunch. As I asked for a coffee after an excellent raspberry tart the owner answers quickly:

“I will bring you a list of coffee.”

A la carte list of coffee?!
Wow, what is this? Where am I? In the coffee paradise? Not even in a five-star restaurant I’ve had a coffee list.
And so I got an awesome list of coffee from Papua New Guinea, Sao Tomé and, certainly, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. All coffee varieties are described thoroughly: Colombian fruity or a snappy Brazilian.
I chose the Papua New Guinean, and got a cup of harmonious nutty coffee.
The sympathetic owner couple promises even new sorts of Malongo brand coffee they are using. And here comes the more than a worth of visiting address with attentive service:

Restaurant Chez Vous
615 Route Blanche
01170 Ségny

Phone +33 4 50 28 32 08



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