“Extremely satisfied”

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Photo: Seppo Kalliojärvi

This was a huge Chocolate speak and tasting which I organized for a group of 50 people in Geneva, Switzerland, Hotel Edelweiss. I made the chocolates for tasting partly myself and partly presented the best of Swiss chocolates.



Suomenselän Sanomat, Finland, 3.6.2018

And this is the story of the trip which I also guided in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and Chamonix. A wonderful, interested, easygoing group. Simply a pleasure to share my knowledge on Switzerland.

In the article they write: “The travelers were extremely happy to get as our guide a journalist and chocolate master Ms Kirsi Hyytiäinen. Her explanations of local life shortened up all our bus trips to different destinations and made our trip very comfortable.”

Just take contact if you wish to organize a trip to Geneva for your group, association or enterprise. I’ll take care of all the organization and you’ll get to know all the secrecies of Swiss chocolate making!



Easter is at the door

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Easter 1

Kirsi’s Chocolates is thrilled to be in the charming cafe next to Geneva, in a village of Genthod. During the Easter time you may taste my chocolates and biscuits.



Easter bunnies are hopping as biscuits and chocolates


With Iris Maag at the Cafe “C’est ici l’endroit où”


White chocolate with praline and dried fruits

C’est ici l’endroit où…

 8, chemin de la Pralay – 1294 Genthod,  Geneva, Switzerland

Lundi :          7h30 – 12h30                15h00 – 18h30

Mardi :          7h30 – 12h30                15h00 – 18h30

Mercredi :    7h30 – 12h30                15h00 – 18h30

Jeudi :          7h30 – 12h30                15h00 – 18h30

Vendredi :    7h30 – 12h30                15h00 – 18h30

Samedi :       8h30   –    ouvert non-stop    –    17h30

 Exploitante: Iris Maag, 022 774 27 20

2nd: Not chocolate – but jam and energy bars for Switzerland

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But all that is allied with chocolate, believe me or not.
Namely, there is an excellent barter exchange system in Geneva called Trade School. You can participate in different sessions and bring something to pay the course, not money.
So I went to Kate’s  jam canning session. We made the peach jam with thymian honey and vanilla; what a delice!

Home made peach jam
Home made peach jam


I brought to our charming teacher energy bars: Piemonte nuts, pistachios, dried berries and quince jelly. The jelly gave a nice moisture to bars and made them melt in your mouth.

Müsli in pocket
Müsli in pocket

And hey, this is in other words müsli in pocket. So, happy I was when heard from Kate that she brought them to mountains. Exactly where energy bars in müsli mode are needed.
Not a bad timing for 1st August, Switzerland’s national day; three times hooray!

Swiss cross with müsli bar
Swiss cross with müsli bar

When it gets a bit colder, I’ll remake the bars with chocolate cover. And the yummy peach jam I’ll save for my chocolates or cakes. You have any good proposals or ideas? How shall I combine them?

These will get chocolate shells towards autumn
These will get chocolate shells towards autumn

Hens night in Helsinki

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It will be a terrific ladies night in May in Helsinki! I will bring some unique chocolates and girls their energy and love.♥

It’s spring and love is in the air.

The evening of May 3 is reserved for hens, but this opens up a possibility for other tasting organizations in Finland from April 30 until May5.

Polttarimaistajaiset Helsingissä 3.5.

Tämä ilta on varattu, mutta muita suklaamaistajaisia mahtuu vielä Suomen keikkaan ke 30.4.- ma 5.5.2014

Mikset järjestä kavereillesi vaikka vappumaistelut?

Ota yhteys ja kuule vaihtoehdoista!

Fruity tailored chocolates for ladies night in Helsinki

Fruity tailored chocolates for ladies night in Helsinki