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And now: Welcome Ruby Chocolate!

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This is a Swiss based chocolate company Barry Callebaut’s latest innovation: ruby chocolate.

And a Swiss chocolate giant Nestle is the first enterprise to be able to use it for production. They chose Kit Kat branche to combine the fresh berry tasting chocolate to wafer.


Nestle and Barry Callebaut tell the new chocolate is being made of ruby cocoa beans.  As they stay pretty secretive of the origins, the professionals believe that the extraordinary pink color comes more from processing the cocoa beans. That is to say that the reddish wild rose color comes from unfermented beans.

And how does it taste then? I felt in my mouth berry flavored white chocolate. But Nestle gives a cocoa percentage for 68,2 which means that it is made with cocoa paste and not only cocoa butter as the white chocolate.

Barry Callebaut underlines that no extra color neither a flavor is added.

I’m waiting impatiently that another chocolate producer makes plain ruby chocolate bars that I could use for my own chocolate production. I see it already in several forms as I use anyhow lot of berries in my chocolates and red color is my favorite. It would make beautiful truffles.

Have you already tasted the Ruby and how did you like it?


Spring flowers of Blond chocolate

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Honestly, I do not know why it took me so long to produce chocolates from the blond chocolate, invented by the Chef of the Valrhona Chocolate School Frédéric Bau. And I have even got my Chocolate Master from that school!

So after a long hesitation I bought some blond and white chocolate from the excellent small chocolate manufacture Villars in Switzerland, Fribourg. I combined the beautifully Edelweiss decorated chocolates and made new flowers, with cranberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

What an explosion of tastes! The blond is astonishing salty caramel, plenty of nut aromes. And the white of Villars brings the Madagascar vanille, cocoa butter and Swiss milk.

Can’t offer better for a giant group of tasters, coming to explore Geneva.

Chocolate walk in Geneva

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This is only one example of the Chocolate Walks I organize in Swiss cities like in Lausanne, and this one in Geneva.

I guide the tourists through the most interesting chocolatiers, explain their background and anecdotes. And of course show also the city if you wish so. And if we have time from tasting the latest creations of all these chocolate magicians.

During the last chocolate tour we saw among the other amazing places:

  • Sweetzerland Chocolats
  • St Peter’s Cathedral in the Old Town
  • Ladurée’s new boutique
  • Chocolaterie Du Rhone  and its’ talented master Jean-Pascal Sérignat


Sweetzerland Chocolats
View from St Peter’s Cathedral
Ladurée’s new opening



And of course at du Rhone chocolatier the dark chocolates from Jean-Pascal Sérignat




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When ChocoKirsi page gets 150 likes, I will draw a winner of you all to get a selection of Swiss Premium Chocolates.


Now any guesses when we’ll reach this?

Happy liking!

And the answer is…

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Yes: It is chocolate and it’s coming from Swiss Gruyère: folklore pure with cows and fields.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Swiss Art at its best from 1819, Cailler.



Coin-coin, Quack-quack

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Lindt ducks waiting for a swim.
Lindt ducks waiting for a swim.

Double milk chocolate pralines, Swiss milk chocolate with cream filling and milk crispies. They are called Sweet Duck of Lindt.

And will be the summer hits of this Swiss chocolate label.

Crispy Swiss Milk Chocolate for a Summer hit
Crispy Swiss Milk Chocolate for a Summer hit

Have you seen them already? Or even tasted?

If so, please share!