And the answer is: Salami

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Yes, the Christmas Classic I have been preparing is now ready and delivered to the customer. It is Salami, A Christmas Salami. But a Chocolate one, according to a good Italian tradition. Dark Madagascar chocolate with nuts, almonds and raisins. Covered with icing sugar.  I used chocolate with fleur de sel and lime.

Doesn’t the plate look like a breakfast assortiment,  salami with  dark bread? I made still Ovomaltine chocolate bits with flaked almonds with extraordinary dark chocolates from Cuba and Haiti. And to finalize with vin cuit truffles,  cooked wine and pear jam.

I so wish that my customers will like my creations, I put my heart to this development and tried to imagine my clients’ Christmas fete by tasting my chocolates.


Part II: Christmas classics

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This is how my Christmas classics look after the next step. Now any clearer? An extra tip: they are originally from Italy.


And that is so last year when the chocolate truffles were round!

These are my this year’s innovation: square truffles of cooked wine and pear with dark Madagascar chocolate with cocoa nibs.

Anybody familiar with vin cuit (cooked wine), with pears and apples and NOT wine? This is a traditional autumn delicacy in western, French speaking Switzerland.

Tomorrow more on the Italian speciality!

Season’s Greetings

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I’ll have a short Christmas break to visit Santa Claus high up in the north, Finland.

But I’ll be back in a row for the end of the year festivities. And would be delighted to sweet up your New Year’s parties with exclusive chocolates or pastries, according to your wishes.

Thank you all for your feedback, orders and comments during this year.

I’ve felt very privileged to have been able to create the chocolates and serve you all.

Truffles or chocolate candies: I'm open for your wishes.
Truffles or chocolate candies: I’m open for your wishes.

Christmas orders open until Friday December 19

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I take chocolate orders still until Friday December 19. Perfect timing also for your Christmas gift deliveries.

Just today I had a wonderful challenge: to develop chocolates for a lacto allergic who however likes his chocolate milkish. And that’s what I got out of it:

Coconut milk truffles with cocoa and coconut. 60 % Madagascar chocolate with lime and sea salt.

Coconut and cocoa covered coconut milk truffles.  Ocean is calling in the Madagascar chocolate with sea salt.
Coconut and cocoa covered coconut milk truffles. Ocean is calling in the Madagascar chocolate with sea salt.